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Thu, Dec 14, 2017
Del Tura CC Property Owners

Del Tura CC was created in August 2010 for the sole purpose of presenting my own home for rent on a seasonal basis. I realized very quickly that this website could be so much more than just presenting my personal interest and property. As a result, my intent with this website is to expand the scope and purpose so as to create a place on the Internet where Del Tura residents and property owners can present and retrieve information relevant to the Del Tura community.

Del Tura property owners will now have a dedicated place on the Web where they can list their homes for sale or for rent. Many people throughout the world query various search engines in an effort to gain information about Del Tura. As anyone who has made such search engine queries will know, information about the Del Tura community is sketchy at best, and in many instances, incomplete and confusing. It is our intention to put much thought and research into the information that will be presented on this site with the hope that we create a comprehensive information source about the Del Tura community.

If you are a property owner that would like to have a solid place on the Internet to post a listing for your home, please check back on a regular basis to see how we are progressing toward meeting that objective. We already have a number of interactive pages under development in our computer lab and hope to implement them in the next couple months.


I have received countless emails from people looking to rent in Del Tura for the 2011 winter season. Obviously, it's a bit late in the season to consider renting this winter. However, if you own a Del Tura home and are looking for assistance in renting your house, I strongly suggest you contact me through the Contact page on this site. People looking for a rental in Del Tura have few resources, if any, on the Internet. As a result, this website has become a very popular destination for those seeking to rent a home in Del Tura. As a home owner, you should give this same resource serious consideration.

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